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Our Story

Fouzér, the new All Day Restaurant Cafe Bar in the must destination of Agia Paraskevi, was first born in our hearts and minds, as a culmination of our many years of experience and know-how in catering areas. Now we finally have the pleasure to welcome you and show you around our new place.


From the morning, with the opening of the Fouzér, our excellent coffee, rich in aroma and body, is served, pleasantly awakening your senses, while our variety of quality drinks offers you the special rejuvenation you choose every moment in your cup.


Moving forward with energy into the day, our creative Mediterranean menu delights your palate with ingredients from the Switzerland of Greece, Karpenisi, but also from the foody gastronomic destination of Lemnos. What's better than enjoying imaginative, high quality, unexpected flavor combinations, created with original inspiration, concentrated knowledge and lots of love! Here, French influences blend with Greek tradition and exotic destinations perfectly complement their own exquisite ingredients in taste. And as time goes on, the international Signature Cocktails become the intoxicating recipe for unforgettable beautiful nights.


We are waiting for you!


Our doors opened, with our highly trained staff always ready, polite and alert, to contribute their impeccable services to this special experience of pleasure and relaxation. Meet at Fouzér to live together in this corner of Agia Paraskevi, the most cosmopolitan experience. An experience that promises to change the way you savor your moments, from morning to night.

In the Kitchen

Cooked fresh and served with love and care.

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